Friday, December 16, 2011

Global recession and the death of the library

I have such fond memories of visiting libraries when I was a child. My primary school had dedicated library days, where catalogue cards were flicked through and then date stamped, before the one-book-per-week allowance was then stashed into a waterproof and tearproof library bag. The library was also the place where book readings took place, where there were weeks of the year that were devoted to imaginary worlds and the librarians would cover the library in elaborate lashings of cellophane, crepe paper, and paper mache to encourage us to explore "Under the Sea", "Creatures of Outer Space", or "Mythical and Magical Creatures".
It was a quiet place, filled with the soothing musty smell of paper and is such a fond memory.

I don't know about the continuation of libraries to the extent I was privileged to have in my childhood these days. Read more here.

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