Saturday, January 23, 2010

Something is better than nothing

I am a runner - I train with a running squad and I have a running coach. I get a kick from bananas and honey in the morning, new socks, and a kick-arse playlist to get my legs moving.
I struggle getting up in the morning. I really do. It's one of the biggest challenges I face. My alarm goes off, and my morning mentality kicks in. "No, I'm not getting up". Despite my clothes being laid out in eager anticipation of the morning ahead. "I'm going back to sleep". Despite the guilt and irritation I will feel when I wake up, groggy and sluggish after my snooze button gets thwacked.
I know, logically, that something is better than nothing. I know, rationally, that if I am daunted by a training run, I should get up and do SOMETHING rather than nothing. It's such a difficult concept to put into practice and, along with my response to my shrieking alarms (I have two: a mobile phone, and Clocky), I am endeavouring to implement.

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