Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I read it. I liked it.

The point being, to let the exhilaration I feel at the end of each run carry on to the next day.

[Haruki Murakami What I Talk About When I Talk About Running]


  1. funny that.

    i can't run right now, so i'm walking. i walk to and from work (1 hr each dir) and all over the place on saturdays to make up for my not running. i have found that it's hard to slow down. is it my walker's high? is this my exhilaration carrying me on? all i know is that i can't go from speed walking to regular walking. i have to sit (my metaphorical brick wall) to stop.

    momentum is a crazy thing. not always good though. not a big fan of it when a bus driver stops suddenly.

  2. slow walkers irritate me. Every time I walk through the mall, I am overcome with rage at how people can be SO SLOW.